• Raise brand awareness
  • Network with existing clients
  • Target a small % of the delegates who were potential clients


  • I provided two pre event consultations
  • One focussed on some branded give-aways to help with their brand awareness
  • The other we spoke about stand design and their targeted clients

Branded Giveaways

Delegates just want something to give their children when they get home from their business trip.

Realising this we went with branded toy cars and a magic puzzle box that perfectly matched the companies message of provided solutions to parking problems.

As their booking was for several shows we also developed branded playing cards as another giveaway and car air fresheners.

Stand Design

I mentioned the benefit of having a branded podium built on the edge of the stand as a base for me to work from and gather crowds and then filter them onto the stand so the process could take place again.

Also this worked well as a bar area during the network drinks at the end of day one.

Targeting their Target Market

The show was as much about brand awareness as targeting some key delegates who were attending. From my perspective I was very conscious to read the delegate badges from a distance and engage anyone with the relevant job title however a crowd attracts people so quite often I’d draw in a crowd and then look at badges to filter out the potential leads and make introductions to the indigo customer development manager.

Darren worked and consulted for Indigo park at the following exhibitions

“Darren has designed detailed and fun giveaways, and attracted many delegates to our stand thus improving our lead count. Indigo have been working with Darren over the last four years.”

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